The  Cafe Bar & Restaurant

La Luna Island Resort is a cozy yet vivid place to hang out, get in touch with people and relax.

We are known for our delicious filipino and international dishes like kinilaw, grilled fish, fresh salads and whole grain sandwiches, muesli, wraps, fries, Schnitzel, soups, vegetarian dishes, pasta and desserts. We serve fresh brewed coffee, espresso, fresh tropical juices & shakes, freshly brewed herbal teas as well as alcoholic drinks.

Fun Facts

Siargao island is the surf capital of The Philippines and one of the best places to surf in Asia. It’s signature break is called Cloud9


  • Good morning – “Maradjaw na buntag”
  • Good evening – “Maradjaw na duyom”
  • How are you? – “Kumosta kaw”
  • What is your name? – “Simay imo ngayan”
  • I’m on the way! – “Pasingod na!”
  • Wait a minute – “Huyat anay”
  • Your so beautiful – “Ka gwapa nimo”
  • Handsome – “Gwapo”
  • I’m sorry – “Pasaylo-a ako”
  • This is mine – “Ako ini”
  • What you want? – “Umay imo gusto?”
  • May I borrow – “Pabusla ako”
  • Give to me – “Ihatag sa ako”
  • Help me – “Tabangi ako”
  • You – “Sija”
  • Maybe – “Basin”