You wonder what to bring? Pack light as you might only use your few favorite shirts as well as a pair or light long pants and a sweater for a “cold” rainy night. There are several places that do either hand wash or machine wash for laundry at an affordable price (we also offer laundry services at the resort).

  • sunblock and after sun lotion as well as something to cover your head and shoulders on a long motorbike ride. The sun is pretty intense here and you don’t wanna take a break from surfing just because you got too burned enjoying the scenery
  • insect repellant (Malaria is not an issue in Siargao, but mosquito bites can be pretty unpleasant)
  • cash (either in PHP or in other main currencies to exchange in General Luna). There is one DBP ATM machine in General Luna at the Cantillan bank and one at the Sayak Siargao airport.  Most restaurants and rentals take cash only.
  • You can also register on pages like WorldRemit (creditcard) or XOOM (paypal) and send cash for pickup to yourself. You can then pick it up at M_LHuiller or Palawan Pawnshop in General Luna. Our international guest have very good experiences with this

"Surfing is like golf: You're always battling, and it keeps knocking you down. There are a lot of wipeouts. But when you stay with it and catch that wave, you really taste it. It's magic."

Dennis Quaid

  • a first aid kit – small burns, reef cuts, insect bites or a stomach bug should not hinder you from enjoying your vacation to the max. Although medical supplies are available at different places it might save you hassle and make you more comfortable having your own stuff with you (for example: pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, antibiotic ointment, anti-diarrheal, antibacterial ointment, disinfectant,  gauze, medical tape)
  • a reusable water bottle to avoid unnecessary plastic disposal (We offer free  cold and hot purified water at the restaurant)
  • a light beach towel – we provide cotton towels for the rooms and ask our guest to please leave them in the rooms and not bring them to any trips
  • earplugs – the love for roosters is deeply rooted in the Philippine tradition, as well as getting up with the sunrise.  If you are noise sensitive, those might also help you through loud boat rides.
  • drivers licence – if you are planning to rent a motorbike, its best to bring your drivers license or international drivers license
  • for the girls – better bring tampons as they might not be available in the island
  • a light weighted raincoat (November-March)

Please be mindful in booking your domestic flight tickets, as the Sayak airport in Siargao island is rather small with a shorter runway. So if the weather is stormy and/or too rainy with a low visibility, flights might get cancelled at times and your flight moved to the next available date. It may be advisable to book your domestic flight a day ahead of your international departure.